A Place For Everyone


When you get there for that first time on Sunday afternoon and look around at all the new faces, you might feel a little bit nervous.  But if you observe carefully, you’ll see most everyone smiling and getting acquainted, or reacquainted.  You’ll see some people anxiously waiting in a spot where they can see clear to the bend in the dirt road so that they can be ready to run and greet close friends.  And it probably won’t be very long before that first cheerful person comes up to you and says, “Hey, I’m_______, what’s your name.  I’m glad you’re here.”  Then, as the week passes by, you’ll spend hours intently studying God’s word, singing beautiful songs to the Lord, and enjoying wonderful Christian fellowship.  There is no doubt in my mind that if you go there expecting to have a good experience, you can be positively affected forever.  This place, a blessing from God, is Backwoods Christian Camp.

One of my favorite things about BCC is that no matter what you need, you may find it there.  I have known all sorts of people over the years who have found a much needed place of peace, joy, and purity in Backwoods.  Some people come there distraught…and they find comfort.  Some people come there lonely…and they find lifelong friends.  Some come there overflowing with joy…and they spread that joy, then leave even happier.  Some people come as alien sinners or Christians burdened by sin (Rom 3:23)…and they leave a new creature in Christ, or forgiven, with a revived spirit (2 Cor 5:17).  What is your need? 

At a typical camp session, on Thursday night, everyone heads up to the ball field for a final, evening devotional.  There’s just something about being on that hill, looking up into the vast sky, and singing and praying to the Lord with all your heart.  For a moment, all negative thoughts find themselves cast out of my mind, and I feel as though I’ve had a glimpse of the reward for which all Christians labor.  But, I believe, that is the idea behind great places like Backwoods Christian Camp.  There, you can leave the cares of this world behind and concentrate on what really matters.  I encourage you to allow God to bless you by attending BCC this summer.  Contact us here at (334)382-3001; darrellpowell@camelliacom.com;  or Walnut Street Church Of Christ, PO Box 551, Greenville, AL 36037 for more information.

----Darrell Powell