Children Of The Flood


   As the Noahic flood rains began to fall, it seems likely that children all over the world began curiously asking their parents what was happening. They had never seen rain before, and while some may have been frightened, others likely ran outside and began playing in the mud puddles. But watching from inside, parents who had not heeded Noah’s warnings began to worry. As the waters rose, the joy left the children’s eyes and fear set in, though surely many of them still trusted their parents to protect and save them. However, we know that every man, woman, and child except for the eight souls in Noah’s family died shortly after the flood began. How heartless and selfish were those wicked parents (Gen 6:5) who not only condemned themselves to die, but also sentenced their precious children to death by drowning. Consider with me briefly, though, that there is a form of negligence that is even crueler than the evil that the parents in Noah’s day did.


   It is hard to imagine a greater injustice than allowing a child to die because of one’s own self-will and rebellious decisions. But when we understand the fact that children who die are innocent of sin and will inherit a heavenly reward, we can see that a greater crime would be to watch them grow up without steering them in paths of righteousness. Parents have a crucial responsibility to instill God’s will in their children’s hearts. Use every opportunity to share the Word with them (Deuteronomy 6:7). Warn them of the punishment that awaits the disobedient (Ezekiel 3:16-21). Restrain them whenever necessary (I Samuel 3:13). Do this for them, but do it also to save your own soul!


   Flood waters are rising all around our children…waters that seek to destroy more than their bodies. Parents must choose to protect their beloved children from peril much more awful than drowning. The decision to protect them must be made quickly, for we don’t know when it might be too late. Will you allow your children to drown in sin because of your spiritual neglect, or will you do all you can to help save them.