Into Our Hands


   “Swiftly we’re turning life’s daily pages.  Swiftly the hours are changing to years. How are we using God’s golden moments? Shall we reap glory, or shall we reap tears?” This old hymn points out an often forgotten truth to which all of us should take honest heed. 


It doesn’t take a brilliant person, or even a very perceptive person, to realize that we live in a truly blessed nation.  Even if it does cost $20 to drive to town and back (if you live out in the country like me), we still enjoy a good level of prosperity.  So, with all the blessings we enjoy, what are we doing for the cause of Christ? 


   If you are a Christian, do you know someone who, this very minute, is in need of hearing the gospel of Christ? Have you been making excuses to yourself as to why you should put off teaching this person? If so, please realize that time is swiftly turning, and you may never have another chance.


   If you’ve never become a Christian by obedience to the gospel, why do you wait? The Bible says you simply must obey a few simple steps. Hear the word (Romans 10:17).  Believe that Jesus is the Son of God. (John 8:24).  Repent of your past sins (Luke 13:3.) Confess Jesus by mouth (Romans 10:9-10). Be baptized to wash your sins away. (Acts 22:16.) Then live your life faithful to God until death (Revelation 2:10). Don’t be like Felix in Acts 24:25 who was taught the gospel, but said to Paul, “Go away for now; when I have a convenient time I will call for you.” Make the decision today!


 “Into our hands the gospel is given. Into our hands is given the light! Haste, let us carry God’s precious message, guiding the erring back to the right.” If the Lord does not return sooner, today will be tomorrow in the blink of an eye. Don’t wait!

- - - - Darrell Powell