One Sunday morning I was scheduled to preach for a certain congregation of the Lord’s people. When the time came, I approached the podium, set my Bible and notes down, and looked up. When I did so, I saw a woman walking in the auditorium doors wearing nothing but a one-piece bathing suit.  Appalled, some women of the congregation rushed over to her, trying to cover her. This would naturally be the sentiment of any congregation of the Church. It is obvious that this woman’s attire was inappropriate, and offensive. So why can’t members of Christ’s church stay dressed when they are in public? 


   Thankfully, this did not really happen. But think for a few moments about your own practices and beliefs regarding modesty. What is the difference between this and wearing the same thing to a pool party where members of the Church are gathered, or allowing your teenage son or daughter to wear a swimsuit, or the lack thereof, to the beach? If you have difficulty finding the fault in these activities, maybe you’ve just never really thought about them.


   When Paul addressed women in I Timothy 2:9, he said, “…women adorn yourselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation.” The common sense that caused you to be shocked about the actions of the young woman I mentioned should also cause you to realize that some of the apparel worn on beaches, in swimming pools, and at other places is not appropriate.


   Young Christian Ladies, when you wear such attire, no matter what you think, young men do not see you as a chaste, or consecrated and pure person (Titus 2:5). You place an occasion to stumble in front of your brothers.  Mothers and Fathers, when you allow your daughters to wear such things, you are allowing her to advertise her body to any and every male whose eyes behold her. Put your foot down. Don’t be so afraid that she won’t consider you her friend, that, you fail to act as her parent and protector.


   This is one of the many challenges that parents and teenagers face. But if we seek God wholeheartedly, the decision we must make is obvious.        

-         - - - Darrell Powell