The Necessity Of Sincerity


   “The secret of success is sincerity.  Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” (Jean Giraudoux).  Sincerity is defined as: honesty of mind; freedom from hypocrisy.  Sometimes sincerity and insincerity are pretty easy to spot.  When a telemarketer calls you in the middle of supper and says, “I’m sorry if I reached you at an inconvenient time,” you may doubt his sincerity.  Or, when a televangelist says “All I care about is your soul!” and then drives away in an $80,000 sports car, which he bought with profits from the “love offerings” that he had solicited. His sincerity is questionable.  Sincerity can only be proven by actions. 


   The quotation mentioned above states one truth.  Sincerity is one major key to success in life.  In School if one is sincere about wanting to learn, teachers often recognize it and will be more willing to work them.  In Relationships, sincerity is a must.  You won’t be successful in love without it.  Jobs are another place in which sincerity is necessary.  Think about any number of TV shows or movies where a character sucks up to the boss.  They are made fun of because they are insincere. 


   A sincere heart is an interesting thing.  Obviously, people don’t always agree with the things you do or say.  But people will respect your sincerity, even when they don’t agree with you.  This allows people to work together more effectively, because sincerity breeds trust.


   Christians must be sincere.  Anyone can fool some people, but no one can fool God.  Do any of the following scenarios fit your life?  You “care” about other people when they’re around, but then laugh about their misfortunes with others.  When other Christians are around you, you act and speak like one with a pure heart, but when no one is around, you view pornography on the computer.  If you are one person in public and another person when no one is looking, who is the real you?  We cannot hide anything from God! (Heb 4:13; Psa 90:8).


   Take an honest look into the mirror (Js 1:23-25), and know who you really are.  Is that person who you want to be when you come face to face with the Lord in Judgment?


-         - - - Darrell Powell