Never Quit


      Rudy had a dream. He wanted to play football for Norte Dame. There was a problem though. Rudy had very little athletic ability. He was smaller than the average football player and his grades were way below par. Still Rudy wanted to play football at Norte Dame. After graduating from high school he spent a year working in a local steel mill. He received very little support from friends and family in his efforts to attend Notre Dame. Rudy never forgot about his dream. One year after graduating high school Rudy applied for enrollment at Norte Dame. He was denied. He enrolled at a near by Junior College and studied night and day. For the first time in his life he received high grades in all his classes. After the first semester he reapplied at Notre Dame only to be denied once more. The discouraged young man was motivated even more to study harder and longer and received high grades the second semester. Rudy applied once again to Notre Dame. He was denied. This happened four times until finally he was a accepted as a student at Notre Dame University. Upon acceptance Rudy promptly reported to the football field for tryouts. After many days of grueling and agonizing practices. Rudy made the team because of his shear determination. He was the smallest person on the field yet he was the hardest worker. Although he was allowed to dressed for only one NCAA football game, Rudy is still known today as the little guy from Notre Dame who had the big heart.


            I will not give up. That is the attitude I, as a Christian, need to have. I will not allow Satan to knock me down without getting back up. I will be persistent in teaching the word of God to those around me even when they do not listen. I will have one purpose before me at all times and that is the work of the Lord. I will train and prepare my self for the battle no matter what the cost may be. I will run the race even when I get tired. I will fight the fight even when the armor seems heavy. I will have no concern for my selfish wants but only look to what is best for the church. I will do all this because of a dream that I shall not forget, the dream that one day I will be in Heaven.                      


---- Josh Webster