The Truth Has Nothing To Hide


   As faithful Christians ďgo into all the world and preach the gospel,Ē we go equipped with Godís power unto salvation. We should approach people with loving confidence in Godís word, with the hope that souls will be saved, and eternally rewarded in heaven.  With this in mind, I would like to share with you some questions that my Dad and I discussed the other day, which I believe are necessary to establish with those we plan to teach.


   Do you believe that the Bible is Godís word?  Inspired? Inerrant? The Bible plainly claims that it is all of these things, but even the one who refuses to trust the Bibleís own teachings cannot refute the medical, scientific, and prophetic proofs that confirm it to be so. The Bible has been attacked from many angles, but has withstood all the tests and has proven that it could only be from God.


   Do you believe truth is important?  Even those who might answer this question negatively must honestly realize that truth does matter. If a doctor examines you and prescribes medicine to treat your illness, but the pharmacist looks at it and decides that he has a better idea, we understand that it is important for the doctorís orders to be understood and followed. Even with something as unimportant as the food we order at McDonaldís, we understand that the truth of what we have ordered matters. We donít want a fish sandwich when weíve asked for a Quarter Pounder w/ cheese.


   Is it ok to believe error as long as you are sincere? Some people claim that as long as you believe something, thatís all that is important. But those who really want to know truth understand this to be false.  Is it alright to eat arsenic as long as you believe it is sugar? Would it be OK to drive down a road with the bridge out as long as you think itís safe? Saul, who became Paul the apostle, stated that he had acted ignorantly (I Tim 1:13), and in all good conscience (Acts 23:1) while he was persecuting the church of Christ. But he learned that even in ignorance, he was the chief of sinners (I Tim 1:15).


   We can be misguided, so how can we avoid this in spiritual matters.  The only way is by obtaining knowledge of Godís Word and obeying IT. Truth has nothing to hide and wonít suffer from investigation. Truth seekers wonít be afraid to dig into the word to see if their beliefs are true. A Christian ought to want to be proven wrong if they are.  With this attitude, we can go far in our efforts to win souls.                          

  - - - -Darrell Powell