What Are Your Summer Plans?


            As the school year ends and dreams of freedom, vacation, and fun saturate your mind, take a moment to step back and evaluate your summer plans.  My love for my wife, Jamie, motivates me to consider how my every action will affect her.  In the same way, our love for God should motivate us to consider Him in all things.  “Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, that seek him with the whole heart” (Psalms 119:2).

            Consider God when deciding where you will go this summer.  If I decide where I will be going this summer without consulting Jamie, or without considering how she will feel about where I go, this will not make her feel appreciated.  When you make your daily plans, or vacation plans, think about how God will feel about the places you go.  Will the places you go leave you with images of godly things, or with lustful or other sinful reflections? (Phil 4:8).

            Consider God when deciding what you will do this summer.  Maybe even more than other times of the year, the summer presents many activities that Christians should avoid.  During the summer months there is undoubtedly an increase in alcohol consumption, sexual promiscuity, and overall moral abandon.  Be sure that when you engage in any activity it is one that would please the Lord.  Better yet, search out deeds that will glorify His name and bring you and others closer to Him.

            Finally, consider God when deciding what to wear this summer.  Back to considering Jamie…I MUST consider her feelings about the clothes I walk out the door wearing (especially how much of my body is covered or not covered by my clothes).  The warmer temperatures always seem to encourage the removal of “excess” clothing.  Often people attempt to cover “just enough” of themselves to be “decent,” but this type of reasoning is flawed.  When confronted with any kind of physical danger, people don’t attempt to stay “just far enough” away from it…they head in the opposite direction.  Be sure that you wear enough clothing…and clothing that is becoming of a Christian.

            If you love the Lord with your “whole heart,” you will not only think of Him when making your summer plans, those plans will reflect your consideration of His wishes.  Have a wonderful summer, and take special care of your relationship with God.

----Darrell Powell